About me

cropped-sasho.jpgAlexandre Vassilev-Vasilevsa is a Bulgarian born artist,based in London,UK.During his stay in New York City in the late 90`s, he was much influenced and inspired by The American Abstract Expressionism and artists such as Hans Hoffman, Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. That is when he began his journey in the world of art and his pursuit of spiritual comfort,challenging the popular notions of art in effort to bring a motion in subconscious. Vasilevsa had explored a variety of directions and themes over the years and had invented and developed a very recognizable, mosaic-like style and technique of his own. In his paintings the viewer can definitely see the signature of one artist. Considered by many as both-figurative and abstract painter,his latest works are all about action painting, individual freedom, movement, emotions and concern for the gloryfication of the act of painting itself as a means of visual communication. The physical act of painting itself, the flow of energy, colour and paint become a dynamic means of expression. 2014 and 2015 were dedicated to his original idea and passion for symbiose between art and sport and his unprecedented projects with some of the world`s most decorated and renowned athletes, all of whom World and Olympic champions. Unique art projects,that numbered more than 400 paintings in which actually champions touched the canvas and mixed the paints with their hands thus leaving their authentic touch and mark as an essential part of the development of the artworks that follow. Every moment of the process is documented and filmed in such a way, that artist,champion and viewer are enabled to go beyond the painting together, conquering new horizons in the field of modern art. Many of Vasilevsa`s artworks are chosen and listed by the curators of special selections dedicated to Picasso, Abstract and Pop Art for one of the best and largest art platforms in the world -Saatchi Gallery Online. His paintings are sold to collectors in the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada , Belgium, The Netherlands and The United States. He had exhibited in the United States, United Kingdom and in his hometown of Vratca, Bulgaria.